A.K.C.T. issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

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Listed by cover order or listed by story part or complete issues

issue one

Michael & Julia In the New Story A love story told in a series of urban vignettes. Originally featured in Sheets Project.

Hardface New Story Post-apocalypse Buddhist action with No-Number Zen, World Compassion, Lager Bastards, and Antichrist Church. These initial chapters featured in Sheets Project.

Nightmare, Sleepwalk, Remix New Story Need an exorcist? Or your tarot cards read? Why not retain the services of Gerard Z., freelance occultist? But better wait until he’s solved this magickal murder mystery. And hope he survives.

The Last DJ New Story Cops and drugs in a fast moving trip to the place where Semantic Data Beats music comes from. Opening section distributed as Autotranscend Report one.

Café Ultimate Short stories A few routines from the place that’s open twenty-four hours serving coffee, tea, soft drinks and a range of hot snacks in a traditional environment. All major credit cards accepted.

issue two

Michael & Julia In the Part Two The afternoon becomes an evening of discovery. Originally featured in Sheets Project.

Hardface Part Two Introducing the Warlords of Mann Trading, where all is not as it appears. And introducing the warriors, where it’s Friday afternoon. These initial chapters originally featured in Sheets Project.

It’s about time New Story Elaine and Charlotte’s academic discussion of human temporal perception turns out to have great practical value as they get mixed up in the strange case of the Freemasons vs The most evil man in All Time.

The Last DJ Conclusion The alien, the DJ, his assassin, her controller. This section all new material.

Café Ultimate Short Stories And then there was the time when the café was in a rough area.

issue three

Michael & Julia In the Part Three Michael dissects a routine whilst Julia watches, then they’re off to Club Venice to relax with friends and strangers. Originally featured in Sheets Project.

Hardface Part Three Friday night, eat and fight. Yoder meets some of Deena’s friends but has a good time anyway. Harlib and Jo go looking for a taste of life Outside and get one. Opening section featured in Sheets Project, followed by new material.

It’s about time Part Two The start of some Masonic disciplinary hearings. The case for the prosecution is stated, but will the defendant show up in time?

Nightmare, Sleepwalk, Remix Part Two Gerard’s clues lead him towards Chasing Satan, a band, and Puissance Res, a magickal order.

Café Ultimate Short Story Open all night, including when the clubs close and everyone comes out from coming out to play.

issue four

Michael & Julia In the Conclusion Julia wakes up and makes the scene for breakfast. Michael gets some sleep while Julia reads, then it’s back to his place for the start of a beautiful relationship. Originally featured in Sheets Project.

Hardface Part Four Coll gets picked on. The Lager Bastards mass and talk about a certain group of Buddhist caravan guards. No-Number Zen meets Innocence, a post-karmic human.

It’s about time Part Three The defendant states his case. Elaine and Charlotte realise something is going on. And were is Imogen?

Nightmare, Sleepwalk, RemixPart Three Gerard ligs a litle in pursuit of clues. His client appears.

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Listed by story part or listed by cover order or complete issues

Café Ultimate, short stories 1

Café Ultimate, short stories 2

Café Ultimate, short stories 3

Hardface, part 1

Hardface, part 2

Hardface, part 3

Hardface, part 4

The Last DJ, part 1

The Last DJ, part 2

Michael & Julia In the, part 1

Michael & Julia In the, part 2

Michael & Julia In the, part 3

Michael & Julia In The, part 4

Nightmare Sleepwalk Remix, part 1

Nightmare, Sleepwalk, Remix, part 2

Nightmare Sleepwalk Remix, part 3

It’s about time, part 1

It’s about time, part 2

It’s about time, part 3